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When Hilton Called

For the past two issues, Hilton Malta has trusted us with the management and design of the Hilton Calling publication. Seeing that in 2019, specifically during the month of May, Hilton Malta celebrated the Hilton brand’s 100th year anniversary, we wanted to dedicate the 13th Edition of Hillton Calling to this special occasion. Even though the magazine has a pre-determined template for content and design, we had free reign to develop this special issue, and along with a special section dedicated to the franchise’s achievements through the years, a new tone of prestige is reflected throughout the magazine by using striking elements and clean layouts, including both the content and context surrounding it.

After extensive research, a list of topics was determined, mainly focusing on the brand’s 100th year anniversary. These included a mini-biography on Conrad Hilton – the man who started it all, the Hilton brand’s 100 Firsts, and a write-up based on the phenomenon surrounding the Hilton Effect. To maintain the theme of this issue, the Employee Spotlight focused on two employees who, in 2019, marked 100 years working with Hilton Malta, both employees of Hilton Malta for 50 years.

Since this is a lifestyle magazine over and above anything else, we did not want to lose the essence of what the magazine truly represents. The lifestyle message was portrayed through an in-depth interview and photoshoot with local lifestyler, Tamara Webb, who also happens to have both an affinity with and love for Hilton Malta as both her father and herself have worked there; an interview with Tumas Group owner Angela Attard Fenech; a look into the mind of local artist Annabel Zammit; and an extensive look on how a local fuel company is changing the motorsports game.

Last but not least, the magazine showcases what Malta and Gozo have to offer through articles relating to Maltese pop culture, events happening and touristic locations, of which make the Maltese Islands the special gems they are.

Click here to view Issue 13, and for a look into the design process of this special edition, check out our portfolio post

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