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Marketing to Your Ears: Top 5 Marketing Podcasts

Sick and tired of wasting time stuck in endless traffic around the island? Take your business ideas to the next level and inject some excitement into your commute by listening to our top 5 marketing podcasts.

Call to Action:

The Call to Action podcast offers tips and tricks on how to navigate the ever-changing digital marketing scene. Picking the brains of thought leaders, data analysts and copy writers, who are driving innovation and growth, listeners will be treated to remarkable success stories as they discuss conversion Rate Optimization,Landing Page Optimization,  A/B Testing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing,  Pay Per Click Marketing and more.This will help you improve your productivity and conversion rates.

Marketing Over Coffee:

Hosts, John J. Wall and Christopher S.Penn meet up weekly to break down emerging trends in the marketing industry. Their episodes cover a broad range of topics including ways to improve your SEO, sales and inbound marketing tactics. Audience members can also chime in on the conversation by sending in their questions. This short form podcast is not only knowledge for those interested in the industry but offers advice that is applicable to everyday life.

Copy Blogger FM:

Created by the well-known team behind Copyblogger, Copyblogger FM is a weekly, podcast hosted by Sonia Simone, the chief digital content officer of Rainmaker. The show gives listeners behind the scenes insights into the content strategies from the Copyblogger blog and Rainmaker Digital as a company. Each week, Sonia and a cast of rotating experts dissect emerging industry trends, interesting disasters, conversion optimization and provide recommendations.

Social Media Marketing Podcast with Michael Stelzner:

The Social Media Examiner is your ultimate business guide to help you navigate the social media jungle featuring success stories from the industry's biggest social media gurus. Listeners will learn how successful businesses utilize social media and discover new strategies and tactics on how to improve their digital marketing impact. Whether you just want to keep up with the social media news of the week or you’re looking for in-depth expert advice, host Michael Stelzner’s actionable tips will keep listeners returning for more.

On The Media:

For one hour every week, On The Media attempts to lift the veil from the process of “making media”. Hosts Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield discuss the media coverage of the week’s biggest stories, analyse threats to government transparency and free speech, and investigate hidden political narratives in everything we watch, hear and read. This Peabody Award-winning podcast differs in tone from our other entries on the list and gives a new outlook to the media mayhem we work in.

Laura Schembri

Laura Schembri

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