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You've Got a Friend in Me: Top 5 Friendship Campaigns

"Friends come in all different shapes and sizes... The important thing is not what we look like but the role we play in our best friend's life" - Cecelia Ahern , If You Could See Me Now 

We're celebrating International Friendship Day by listing down our favorite campaigns that highlight the importance of friendship. Check out our favorite picks:

KFC: The Friendship Bucket

In 2015, for their U.K. and Ireland operations, KFC launched an integrated campaign celebrating real friendships called The Friendship Bucket Test. Reminiscent of the “Newlywed Game”, the ad challenged best friends to prove how well they really knew one another by answering a series of questions. If they answered correctly, their Friendship Bucket got filled up with chicken. KFC ran a street casting and social media campaign to find real best friends from all walks of life to play the game in a KFC restaurant. An online test on also allowed friends to play the game over social media.


Coca Cola: Friendship Machine

Coca Cola developed its Friendship Machine campaign in 2010 to honour ‘Día del Amigo’, an annual event celebrating friendship in many parts of South America particularly in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. The brand placed 3.5m tall vending machines with unreachable coin slots across Latin America and offered people two Coke bottles for the price of one, one for themselves, and one for a friend. To benefit from the offer, however, potential customers had to work together and get a leg-up from a friend to reach the machine slot.

Cadbury: Double the Fun

Cadbury celebrated their collaboration with Oreo with a friendship-based campaign created by Saatchi & Saatchi. The 80-second animation detailed the adventures of Pip ,the block of chocolate, and an Oreo cookie from going to the football to climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The playful animation brought the product's 'double the yum, double the fun' message to life, displaying the characters' feelings through the video via emoticons.

Kleenex: Unlikely Best Friends

In 2015, Kleenex launched their ‘Unlikely Best Friends’ ad as part of their ‘Kleenex: Someone Needs One’ campaign. The documentary style video tells the heart-warming story of a wheelchair bound Michael, and his dog Chance, who is also in a wheelchair. The spot tugs on viewers’ heartstrings by immediately opening with the words “Nobody wanted him. He was broken. A burden” accompanying a shot of the dog, with no hind legs, struggling to crawl across the garden. His adoptive family discusses their relationship with Chance, and Michael, talks about how his dog empowers him every day and knows that there’s nothing he–or anybody else–can’t do. The spot ends with the words “Kleenex: Someone Needs One,” a clear indication that the company know that they just made you cry and now you must use their product.


Amazon: Christmas Campaign 

Ahead of Black Friday and Christmas in 2016, Amazon chose to highlight a moment of friendship between a Christian and a Muslim. The company pushed a message of inter-faith friendship at a divisive time in the UK and the US. The ad depicts a story of a Christian vicar and a Muslim imam who are lifelong friends. They reminisce and joke about the aches and pains that have come with their old age. At the end of the visit, the pair coincidentally decide to purchase the same gift online for each other ― kneepads that help them kneel while they pray. To ensure advert was respectful of each religious tradition and portrayed them  authentically, according to the Guardian, Amazon worked with the Church of England, the Muslim Council of Great Britain and the Christian Muslim Forum


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