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Break a Record, Break the Internet

Breaking a record in the Guinness Book of World Records can boost a brand’s awareness and generate loads of interest, especially when paired with the right film crew and the undeniable engagement opportunities of social media. In 2015 according to Brandz , around 48 out of the top 100 global brands used the power of record breaking to heighten their marketing campaigns for product launches or to commemorate anniversaries. Here are our top 5 World Records broken by brands:

T-Mobile and Samsung

In a in a very public stunt in Southern California, T-Mobile broke two Guinness World Records to promote the speed of new Samsung Galaxy S9 and their own network. The company launched a bright magenta blimp then towed water skiers and boarders around the lake through blimp power. In one effort, the skier being blimp-towed sent a message on the Galaxy S9, setting the record for the “fastest text message on a touch screen mobile phone while water skiing.” The other record broken was the “greatest distance water skied while towed behind a blimp.” Two impressively pointless world records, one great PR stunt, featuring pictures of the event taken on the Galaxy S9 from the skier’s perspective and from spectators.


Volvo jumped on the unboxing YouTube trend and broke the record for largest object unboxed, when a three-year-old fan unveiled its VNL 760 truck. The 80 feet long, 14 feet wide and 18 feet high box, which contained Volvo's new VNL truck, was designed to look like it contained an old-fashioned toy. The Volvo team were inspired by the viral unboxing of a Spider-Man battery-powered ride that gained 218 million YouTube views.

Coca Cola

The Coca-Cola System in Pakistan together with their bottling partner Coca-Cola Icecek Pakistan (CCI), broke the Guinness World Record for the “World’s Largest Packaged Product Display” at the Company’s official wholesaler Metro Cash & Carry Lahore, Pakistan. The display measured at 1,470.81 m³ (51,941 ft³ 276 in³) and covers 100,000 cases and almost 1 Million Litters of Coca-Cola product.The company celebrated the milestone as well as 10 seasons of the iconic Coke Studio in Pakistan with a large PR event.


To celebrate their launch of the new CrossFit Nano 7, Reebok put together an unrivalled team of the world’s strongest and fastest sportspersons spread across four cities in Australia, UK and the USA. Sydney, London, New York City, and Los Angeles were the cities chosen to host athletes from varied disciplines of CrossFit and weightlifting, sporting the new Reebok CrossFit Nano 7. The ensemble endured an intense day under the watchful eye of Guinness World Record adjudicators and achieved 44 Guinness World Records titles within 24 hours.



To celebrate the launch of their first ever family sports car, Jaguar enlisted stunt driver and record-holder Terry Grant to pay homage to the corkscrew car stunt in James Bond 'The Man with Golden Gun', by performing the world’s largest ever loop-the-loop. Grant undertook two months of intense physical and dietary training to ensure his body was prepared for the 6.5 G-Force. The Loop was measured at around 62.6 feet tall and designed to showcase both the new lightweight F-PACE and its ability to combine agility with sports car speed and performance.

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