Noli by Redorange

Fight or Flight tend to be the natural options on how to react to a negative situation, but when the pandemic hit, Redorange only had one option: Fight. Not only did we have to understand how our clients were being effected and what we could do to help, but we also had to understand on how we, as a company can do our part during this life-changing period.

Social media, news portals and personal chats only had one topic in mind, Covid-19, and whilst that was and is still understandable, there is an amount of negative information that our mind can handle for a continuous time. So, from brainstorming sessions on makeshift desks at home to eureka moments, Noli was developed.


The concept? Simple

Provide a diversion for people (kids and adults) stuck at home to alleviate some of the routine and frustration.


The idea? Great

Collaborate with renowned entertainers on the Island


The execution? Sleepless nights

From approaching companies to sponsor Noli, to building a Social Media audience from scratch; From branding and designing Noli to creating a wide range of content to entertain the masses; Noli became our proudest project to date, not only because it brought the teams together, but because we could showcase what Redorange does best (and under pressure)!

From sketches to live interviews; From competitions to hilarious games; From polls to engaging questions, Noli was a daily source of entertainment to keep us all amused and distracted from what was happening around us.

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