The Brief was simple

Launch Niumee; the one stop shop med-aesthetic concept for males and females from all ages and walks of life.

Campaign Objective – Having been in the health, cosmetic, beauty and wellness industry for more than a decade, the client felt the need to take the service to the next level offering an array of cutting edge cosmetic and beauty services under one roof. That said, we wanted to create a buzz by launching the concept in an innovative manner and stray away from the conventional imagery associated with beauty.

Target Audience included males and females from all ages and walks of life interested in receiving the best med-aesthetic services; individuals with a busy life style, tired of traveling to various health, cosmetic and beauty experts; medium to high network and individuals

Following client’s brief, an internal brainstorming session was held during which the team came up with the idea of making use of animals instead of the conventional model imagery associated with med-aesthetics.

Strategic Approach

Each of the services provided at Niumee was interpreted through the use of animals. The idea was to create something fresh, new, innovative and fun – just like the Niumee concept. The idea was tested with several people and nobody at all found it either offensive or upsetting. In fact most commented that at least finally a treatment outfit that unlike all the others is not always showing the perfect bodies we all aspire for. Apart from conventional and online advertising mediums, the launch event included an activation during which a gymnast was body painted as a giraffe promoting one of the services available at Niumee.

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