MICAS Branding by Redorange


MICAS Branding by Redorange

Developing Malta International Contemporary Art Space’s Brand Identity, design system and brand strategy, for the first Contemporary Art Museum in Malta.

Redorange was asked to design and develop the brand identity of the first contemporary art museum in Malta, that it will be ready in 2022. The challenge was to create a timeless identity that will meet the standards and the quality of the leading contemporary art museums and institutions around the world. The main task was to create an identity that embraces the Maltese heritage, reflect it’s history and the metamorphosis of the environment and culture of the land.

 The visual communication had to respect and be in perfect harmony with the surroundings and the premises of the museum. The MICAS project footprint extends further down along the Polverista Curtain to the La Vittoria Bastion, the adjacent Ritirata and San Salvatore Counterguard with its spectacular arcone, or skewed arch. The interior galleries will be housed within the Ritirata which was an inner line of defence consisting of an inner trench and parapet that guarded against the loss of the outer defences.

The overall design aims to harmonise the delicate balance between the traditional exterior Maltese stone, and the the cutting edge interior.
Quoting¬†Erica Bolton from boltonquinn.com, ¬†it defines your work as ‚Äú’classical contemporary’, which perfectly embodies what MICAS will represent‚ÄĚ.¬†

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