Juicing Megabyte

Megabyte – Rebranding

Tasked with giving Megabyte a fresh identity for their 40 year anniversary, Redorange looked at digital age standards
to modernise the logo and customise the typeface, making it adaptable on the various technology and marketing material used today.

This was done by designing various geometric shapes, not only to create the letter M for Megabyte but to showcase a software-looking 
design to indirectly highlight the state-of-the-art services and solutions offered by Megabyte; sophisticatedly simple. 

Whilst we looked at modernising the logo, we also wanted to portray the impressive 40-year history of the company, and thus, the colour palette remained unchanged to keep Megabyte’s signature recognisable. A signature that has been identified through an impressive track record of  achievements, whilst consistently growing in various markets, and leading in IT Services and Solutions in Malta and Gozo.

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