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Juicing a championship, VOOMQUEST

In-depth organisational competence, knowledge, eye for detail and planning capabilities were Redorange’s highlighting factors in the VOOMQUEST Enemed UIM V2 World Powerboat Championship 2019 that kicked-off with GP 1 on April 25th.

Whilst it was a jam-packed weekend coordinating with the AV production team, photographers, event promoters, press, teams and many more individuals, including keeping a live-action presence on Social Media, it was various factors that made the event as successful as it was. Scroll down to see how Redorange managed to #juice VOOMQUEST!


From bus to radio advertising, our main goal was to hype boat lovers to this one-of-a-kind championship, proudly taking place in Malta thanks to 5-time World Powerboat Champion, Aaron Ciantar. However, in a country filled with multiple advertising messages throughout the daily commute, it was easy to get lost in all the noise, and that’s why we opted to keep the design simple with bold colouring and a clear message; VOOMQUEST, date and location. 

Social Media

Have a look at your social media preference and you’ll notice that you relate and react more to real-time and candid photography, and it’s no secret that these posts generate the most engagement on Social Media, thus, whilst we promoted the event itself and focused on pushing the drivers in the lead up to the event, our main activity on VOOMQUEST’S Social Media pages was prior, during and following the championship weekend.

From Insta stories to videos highlighting same day action, from podium to party photography, spectators who couldn’t visit the event had a front-row seat to the action and were hyped to follow the page, resulting in an increase of followers and a larger audience to promote the next event,  VOOMQUEST Enemed UIM V2 World Powerboat Championship 2019 -  GP 2 in June.

Photography & Audio Visual

Bringing all those visuals to your screen? Our talented photography and videography teams provided not only content for the day itself, but also material which will be used in the lead-up to the next event, a key factor in making any Marketing Agency successful by avoiding stock-photography with professional content.

Every photographer and videographer was given clear instructions on what type of content was required, whilst we also directed them to where the action was all happening as to produce 3 videos per day to be sent to the media for press coverage and to upload on various Social Media pages. Being present at an event further helps micro-manage all the little details and stay updated with all the live action.


This event would not have been as successful without the helping hand of Enemed, who not only supplied the fuelling of all the powerboats but as the main sponsor of the championship was there at every step of the way. VisitMalta and GamingMalta also sponsored the event and gained additional exposure throughout. We also provided them with a daily video clip , covering the days’ events and highlights so they could upload on their Social Media pages on the same day. Finding sponsors for these events is no easy task, but when you find local businesses who are also passionate in bringing these events to life and through them promote their business, is a recipe for success and we make sure that each and every sponsor gets his value for money.


With daily Press Releases written by Redorange and local news’ portals covering the lead-up to and the event itself, this exposure is a vital key in ensuring that future events attract a larger crowd and continues to create awareness on the VQ powerboat championships both locally and internationally. Redorange’s positive business relationship and open communication with the Press guarantees that our goal is met.

Event Management & Branding

The eye-to-detail and a holistic plan makes an event manager stand out from the rest. With branded podiums, buoys, and flags, Redorange ensured that when stepping in St.Paul’s Bay during the event, you definitely would not miss what was happening, and with the branded passes that included the entire weekend’s programme; VIP, the Press and on-site personnel, could be clearly identified and knew what was happening throughout the championship.

Redorange’s in-depth knowledge of the championship and experience in event management helps create a comprehensive plan by bringing all the pieces together and reaching the overall goal of bringing VOOMQUEST to life.

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