Hilton x Marsovin

Hilton x Marsovin, A Maltese Wine & Dine Affair

Hilton x Marsovin

A special event was organised in honour of the 100-year anniversaries for both Hilton Malta and Marsovin Wines. This Chef’s Table featured traditional Maltese dishes with a modern fine dining twist, all paired with specific Marsovin wines. Redorange was tasked with not only giving a name to this unique celebration but also in giving it a well-deserved prestigious branding.

After an internal brainstorming session, the name; Hilton x Marsovin, A Maltese Wine and Dine Affair was established, which truly symbolised the culinary experience that the guests will be savouring.

Hilton x Marsovin

The pairing of Maltese cuisine and Maltese wines influenced the design approach, which was aimed at telling a story;

A celebration of Maltese roots in fine dining.

Hilton x Marsovin

With elements such as the Maltese tile, a warm palette of coral, peach, beige, and brown tones, as well as the combination of an elegant serif and handwritten-style typography, we strove to evoke a sense of tradition, all the while maintaining a certain elegance to the design, which is synonymous with Hilton and Marsovin.

A menu booklet was also designed, which served as a take-home memento for each guest. It contained information on each of the dishes and specialities on the menu, their origins and history within the Maltese culture, and also included a detailed description of each of the wines being paired with every dish.

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