Hilton Calling Issue 13

Hilton Calling

Hilton Calling - Issue 13

For the past two issues, Hilton Malta has trusted us with the management and design of the Hilton Calling publication. Seeing that in 2019, specifically during the month of May, Hilton Malta celebrated the Hilton brand’s 100th year anniversary, we wanted to dedicate the 13th Edition of Hillton Calling to this special occasion. Even though the magazine has a pre-determined clean layout style for content and design, we had free reign to develop this special issue, and we decided to introduce some unique design elements that made this issue stand out from the rest by focusing on; colours, typography and fonts from the design perspective; and attention-grabbing articles from a content planning aspect.

Hilton Calling Issue 13

The Design

The colours used were inspired from the Hilton colours but were slightly twisted to reflect the 100-year special. Aside from the traditional article layouts, we also used more dynamic layouts and introduced the issue-specific colours; a vibrant blue and gold.

For this issue, we had the opportunity to feature a photoshoot in which we used bold typographic elements on the larger images, breaking away from traditional article format.

Fonts were selected with an aim of creating a contrast between striking headlines and a clean body copy.

The Content Plan

It is imperative that the discussion starting off the magazine is based on highlighting the Hilton Malta hotel and Hilton brand. Hilton as a brand strives for inclusion and recognition of their hard-working employees. Therefore, through The Employee Spotlight feature, we showcase Hilton Malta staffers, praising their efforts throughout their years working at the hotel. For the 100th year special edition issue, we featured two employees who, in 2019, mark 50 years each working with Hilton, amounting to 100 years of employment. Other Hilton-related content includes; What’s Happening at the Hilton and Hilton International feature.

For the lifestyle aspect of Hilton Calling, we delved into various aspects of Maltese pop culture through in-depth interviews with local personalities, artists and entrepreneurs, whilst also adding a little taste of the latest in Maltese sports – giving insight to foreigners visiting our island, seeing that the magazine is distributed widely within the hospitality industry. Keeping this in mind, we also push local events and the wonders one can explore in both Malta & Gozo.

Planning for Hilton Calling is highly dependant on the season, ongoing trends and events happening at the time of publication. Our main aim was and still is offering an exclusive yet relatable and somewhat light read to our audience, who is made up of mostly foreigners visiting the island for both work and leisure, or locals having a well-deserved break.

Click here to view Issue 13, and for a look-into the planning process of this special edition, check out our blog post.

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