Hilton Recruitment Campaign

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Hilton Malta approached us to come up with a recruitment campaign to generate interest surrounding prospective career opportunities and promote their great company culture. We proposed four concepts and ‘The Tribe’ was selected


The Concept

A tribe is a group of likeminded individuals who band together because they have a shared identity. In this case their shared identity is that of the Hilton. The thought process behind our decision to employ the theme of ‘The Tribe’ stems from the definition: a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. Human beings have been part of one tribe or another for millions of years. A shared interest and a way to communicate are the only two things a group needs to become a tribe.


We wanted to reflect the multicultural workspace of The Hilton Malta and push Hilton’s community feel to the forefront of this campaign. We cast an array of ethnicities to authentically represent The Hilton Malta’s diverse workforce. The tribe photos were placed on a dark background to contrast the spotlight effect given to the images, heightening their dramatic feel. We wanted to divert viewers’ attention to the tribe members with their ‘H’ – Hilton Malta Tribe markings symbolizing unity, power and strength in togetherness.


Finding your tribe is joining a group that watches out for each other and allows you to thrive. That is what you will find working at The Hilton Malta.

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