Healthy Living in the Community – Branding

Healthy Living in the Community is an initiative by the Ministry for Health, and they approached us
to create modern branding to promote the events that will occur in various localities in Malta and Gozo. 

These events will range from talks about healthy eating to blood pressure monitoring and glucose testing. 

We wanted to move away from a corporate feel, and whilst Health is a very serious and heavy subject, we wanted the branding to feel lightful and approachable. This idea was illustrated into the logo, were the recognisable healthcare cross has round soft edges with a tone of blue to reflect a sense of calmness, whilst the conjoining heart is larger with a tone of red orange to portray the message that the heart is a central part of our body. 

The heart has been designed larger and specifically placed on its left side as it can be adapted into various scenes, moving away from it being just a logo, but continues on the message that the heart is the foundation of health and factors in that the heart is also central in a community, something that Healthy Living in the Community is trying to do by bringing people together. 

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