ePower Diesel 

The Concept

Enemed approached us to come up with a product launch campaign for their new high-performance diesel.

When launching a product – and aiming for maximum impact and exposure – a teaser campaign can be a very effective way of generating interest around the product before the big reveal.

Blue is Coming

The tagline, Blue is Coming, was the chosen message to drive the teaser, which along with GIFs on Social Media, was promoted through a Billboard and a Front Page Solus. This generated the interest and hype that we were looking for the Launch Campaign. 

Blue is Here!

The Launch Campaign took off from the Teaser Campaign, and we already had a curious audience that was very much interested in what was the hype for Blue is Coming.

We took a full-on approach and promoted the product on various platforms that included; Bus Backs, Super Side, Billboards, Bow Flags, Water-based Boards, Wobblers, Bowser Wrapping, a Spot the Sticker Competition, a TV Commercial, Leaflet, and Social Media Posts. 


We went a step further and branded a BMW 335D from RS Tuning that showcased the power that Enemed’s ePower Diesel had to offer.



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