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Enemed’s First Fuel Franchise

Our Mission

Every brand has a story to tell and Enemed is no different. We sought to create an unforgettable experience that would eventually become synonymous with the Enemed brand. Consumers respond to familiarity, so we embarked on a journey to craft out a recognizable identity pushing Enemed to the forefront of the local fuel market.

Franchising Strategy

We wanted the Enemed experience to match the undeniable quality of its product. It was essential therefore to develop a franchising strategy with local fuel stations to set the tone, the first being F.Busuttil Service Station. Through our franchising efforts Enemed fuel stations current and future, will be operated by independent partners under the Enemed brand.

We also took into consideration, fuel stations with shops or car washes that are offered as extra services when reviewing brand plans to enhance the Enemed service experience.  By developing the look and feel of the franchise fuel stations, we set out to differentiate Enemed from the other fuel industry players and make consumers aware of the contrast in comparison to local fuel suppliers.

Uniformity is key to building a strong brand reputation and increasing brand equity. For the Enemed brand to remain consistent throughout all fuel stations, guidelines were implemented to ensure consistency in the Enemed brand experience. Consumers are looking for efficient, high-quality and a more personalised experience than ever before.

When you choose Enemed you are not only choosing the product, but you are accepting an invitation into an exclusive lifestyle. Our fuel stations future and current will provide an unforgettable service encouraging consumers to keep on returning expecting and receiving the same high-quality results. Experience Enemed in the flesh at our very first fully fledged fuel franchise location, F.Busuttil Fuel Station Ltd.

Laura Schembri

Laura Schembri

Digital Strategist

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