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Nail-biting Action Over The Austrian Skies: Enemed's Fuel Your Dream Competition

Enemed recently launched their FUEL YOUR DREAM competition to give individuals the chance to fulfill their wildest dreams. The competition got off to a great start fueling Janice Vella Muscat's dream to witness a Red Bull Air Race. We accompanied Janice and the team behind Airborne television series, to Wiener Neustadt, Austria where the Red Bull race was held and got a front row seat to all the action.

The Red Bull Air Race series started in 2003, pitting a dozen of the world’s fastest pilots against each other in timed laps where they maneuver around 82-foot-tall inflatable pylons. But while other sports the energy drink company is involved with — motocross, skydiving, base-jumping, so on — focus heavily on thrill-seeking, the Air Race is all about discipline. As I found out firsthand, it’s more than just a race. It challenges pilots to remain precise while taking calculated risks and enduring a physical toll. A mistake doesn’t just lead to a damaged vehicle or a broken bone — it’s the difference between life and death.

Around 40,000 spectators witnessed history being made as Martin Sonka became the fourth pilot to win three races in a row. Not only did we get to meet Martin but we also had the chance to meet Mélanie Astles, the only female pilot who participated in the race. At 36 years old, Ms Astles is a seasoned flyer from France and a five-time world aerobatic champion. She even guided us through her training process and daily routines, revealing how fast and agile these relatively small aircrafts actually are.


The most fascinating thing about the Red Bull Air Race is the low level flying, the precision and the speed. It's a race against the clock and it’s a competition with the best pilots in the world. The Red Bull Air Race's combination of speed, precision and skill previously made the sport accessible only to the world's most exceptional pilots. Now fans can get right in the middle of the action through a unique live VR experience developed in close collaboration with Google to explore new ways to broadcast live sport events.

It’s like Disney World for Motorsport enthusiasts.

.... until the next dream!


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