D4n6 Data Security

For this client we needed to come up with a striking and clever name to reflect the work they do and the service they provide. These guys are the cyber crime busters, so we needed to create a daring, cool and serious name that explained what they do. It wasn’t easy… so we had some fun and played with words. D4N6 = Data Forensics… get it? We like doing that.

We were after creating a brand that had a dark feel to it, to reflect the element of the ‘unknown’. The imagery revolved around various close ups of people’s faces, and tied in with the tagline – “do you know where the next threat is coming from?”

The colours blue and black reflect those of a computer screen and compliment the notion of mystery and hacking.

We maintained the thread of mystery and unknown within the business cards also, where we masked the names of the clients behind a cut-out flap. These cards were striking and memorable in networking sessions.

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