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Creepin' it real: Top 5 Spookiest Commercials of all time!

Here are our top picks for 'The 5 spookiest commercials of all time!

It's that time of year again, the time to showcase your pumpkin carving skills & consume your weekly sugar intake. To help you get into the Halloween spirit we came up with a list of 5 commercials which will make you want to turn off your screen!

1. We start with a favourite, Burger King’s ‘Come as a Clown, Eat Like a King’ campaign. This clever tagline says it all, they are yet again trolling their favourite competitors, Mc Donald's through this clown-themed marketing campaign. The fast-food brand offered free Whoppers to anyone who showed up at their restaurants dressed as a clown on Halloween night.

2. Our next advert is by Dulux Wash & Wear who came up with a rather unique way to keep your house ghost-free. According to them, simply paint your walls with the magical Dulux paint and no ghost will be able to go through walls!

3. Make sure you have your Nike shoes handy this Halloween, you know in case Freddy Krueger shows up at your house! In this next advert, Nike cleverly promotes their product through this horrifying commercial.

4. What happens when you miss out on a deal from this mobile phone retailer? You get an unwanted visit from Samara. 😨

5. Our last but most certainly not least, the 4-part series of the ‘Bite Size Horror’ Films Campaign by Mars Candy Brands. Here's our favourite one!


A classic Halloween scare, K-Fee launched a number of TV commercials depicting a number of calm, serene scenes such as a quiet car driving down a country road, then it hits you...

That’s all from our end, we hope these commercials got you into the Halloween spirit. Have a frightfully, spooky Halloween!


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