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Celebrity Marketing at the Superbowl

Influencer marketing in Malta has seen quite a rise in fame with many companies endorsing individuals that not only embody the company’s brand message but genuinely use the products or services on a personal level. This also saw a decrease of models and/or actors used in company marketing campaigns, since talent used for any campaign is widely selected based on popular conversations and pop-culture ongoing on the island.

As a result, we can see how local personalities are sought out for their popular relevance to represent the brand and thus ride on their popularity status to push the campaign’s message further. Examples include the famous X Factor Judges being showcased on Coca Cola ads across the country, the loveable Clare Agius seen on billboards and buses for Enemed’s Brand Campaign, and the tenor Joseph Calleja representing BOV in many of its campaigns. 

This concept is definitely not new to the marketing industry, with international brands using celebrities to not only endorse their products but to be the face of the campaign. Superbowl’s advertising saga has been a clear example of this trend. Here are our favourite ads that use celebrity marketing and pop-culture references impressionably;


Maisie Williams, Let it Go and Audi

The kick-ass Maisie Williams showed a different side to her talents as she sang her way through the famous soundtrack, Let it Go, while promoting Audi’s fully electric models. Apart from showing us exactly what we need to do to calm our daily commute road rage whilst representing our own sing-a-longs (yes, we see you belting out your favourite tunes in the car :P), it was also quite an impactful commercial as it does not only deal with the current environmental crisis, but also embodies many trends in just one minute.



Jason Momoa and Rocket Mortgage

Jason Momoa always gives us realness with a touch of humour, and Rocket Mortgage’s ad embodies all that by altering reality in quite a huge way; how Jason Momoa looks when he gets truly comfortable at home.

Caution: Jason Momoa was not hurt in the making of this ad, but we were.


Ellen DeGeneres and Amazon Alexa

Third on our list is Amazon’s Alexa commercial, starring Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi. It makes our list not only because of the much-loved couple’s appearance, but because it hilariously deals with the intriguing question, “What did we do before we had Alexa?”.


Lil Nas X and Doritos

Lil Nas X’s famous RnB/country song has been on everyone’s playlist at one point in time, and it comes to no surprise that the song made its way to a Western showdown themed TV Commercial, starring none other than Lil Nas X himself along with the legendary Sam Elliott. Simply put, it was one hell of an ad that rode (pun intended) from the old town into the new age seamlessly. Though we do feel that the horse stole the show at 01:19s.


Post Malone and Bud Light

Who wouldn’t want to be inside THIS man’s head? Torn from the pages of Inside Out’s entire plot, these hilarious ads, because one is definitely not enough, take us inside the decision-making process of Post Malone’s brain… and body! They surely make us fall in love with the guy even further and we couldn’t help but admire the small details, including the tattoos on all the cast.


What has been your favourite Super Bowl ad so far?

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