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Celebrating the Juice!

Happy creativity month!

We are starting off the year celebrating International Creativity Month! Creativity is sometimes taken for granted however, it is an essential trait in your life. Thinking outside the box is just as important as simply following procedures. After all, issues require solutions, and in the fields of media and design, creativity is paramount to our success!

So, what is creativity?

I guess you can describe it as the way to transforming your ideas, dreams and imagination into reality. When you’re being creative, you can see the hidden patterns, make connections between things that aren’t normally related, and come up with new ideas. Creative ability depends on creative thinking which is part hard work but largely creative problem-solving.


How to celebrate International Creativity Month?

Start by acknowledging individuals who work in the creative industry. Yep, that would be us too! In this day and age, we need creativity more than ever. Even though technology is essentially becoming faster, chea

per and more ubiquitous, it is the individuals behind the ideas who make anything stand apart from the crowd.

In conclusion let us put it simply, a tiny sprinkle of creativity will help you solve many problems and it’s great to acknowledge all the folks out there who are thinking outside of the box. Let us celebrate the visionaries and get inspired by them! So, go out there and get your creative juices flowing!

From all of us at Redorange, we wish you a prosperous New Year filled with creative juices!

Until next time.  #BringingYouTheJuice


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