ePower Diesel

ePower Diesel  The Concept Enemed approached us to come up with a product launch campaign for their new high-performance diesel. When launching a product – and aiming for maximum impact and exposure – a teaser campaign can be a very effective way of generating interest around the product before the big reveal. Blue is Coming […]

Hilton Calling

Hilton Calling Issue 13

Hilton Calling For the past two issues, Hilton Malta has trusted us with the management and design of the Hilton Calling publication. Seeing that in 2019, specifically during the month of May, Hilton Malta celebrated the Hilton brand’s 100th year anniversary, we wanted to dedicate the 13th Edition of Hillton Calling to this special occasion. […]

Healthy Living in the Community

Healthy Living in the Community – Branding Healthy Living in the Community is an initiative by the Ministry for Health, and they approached us to create modern branding to promote the events that will occur in various localities in Malta and Gozo.  These events will range from talks about healthy eating to blood pressure monitoring […]


Juicing Megabyte

Megabyte – Rebranding Tasked with giving Megabyte a fresh identity for their 40 year anniversary, Redorange looked at digital age standards to modernise the logo and customise the typeface, making it adaptable on the various technology and marketing material used today. This was done by designing various geometric shapes, not only to create the letter […]

Air CM Global

Air CM Global – Corporate Folder As world-renowned experts in all aspects of private aviation, Air CM required a corporate folder to match their standards and unrivalled reputation. We selected a black and gold colour palette to exude the exclusivity and luxury that define the bespoke services the company offers. The folder perfectly embodies Air […]

Salvo Grima

Salvo Grima – No.12 Catalogue For the third consecutive year, we were approached by Salvo Grima Group to update their No 12 Fine Wines & Provisions 2017/2018 edition catalogue. We were asked to design a straight-forward high-end catalogue, catering to all sophisticated tastes. The easy-to-go through aspect was achieved by using colour coding. Each colour […]

Hilton Father’s Day Campaign

Hilton Father’s Day Campaign The Hilton approached us to create an unforgettable Father’s Day campaign to promote their Father’s Day event at the Oceana restaurant. We came up with the ‘Dad You Rock’ campaign to help elevate their presence digitally and push sales. Rock stars are invincible and march to the beat of their own […]

Argotti Garden

Argotti Gardens We created a fresh new identity to match the newly refurbished Argotti Botanical Gardens. The gardens recently saw the restoration of the bastion, as well as the fountains, new water systems, irrigation systems, new lighting and railings. We decided to keep the logo clean and minimalist drawing inspiration from the greenery that inhabits […]

Vassallo Group

Vassallo Group Redorange was approached when Vassallo Group Malta had the need to open a new subsidiary, Vassallo Group Realty, within its Group in the property management area. Our first challenge was to understand the Group as a whole which would in turn ensure the brand identity to be created for the new subsidiary would […]

Capital Advisory

Capital Advisory Initially, the client asked us to polish up their existing logo and design stationery and print collateral in line with the new identity. Well, client instantly fell in love with the new identity so we moved onto designing and developing an interactive and contemporary-looking website for Capital Advisory in line with the new […]

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