Salvo Grima

Salvo Grima – No.12 Catalogue For the third consecutive year, we were approached by Salvo Grima Group to update their No 12 Fine Wines & Provisions 2017/2018 edition catalogue. We were asked to design a straight-forward high-end catalogue, catering to all sophisticated tastes. The easy-to-go through aspect was achieved by using colour coding. Each colour […]

Hilton Father’s Day Campaign

Hilton Father’s Day Campaign The Hilton approached us to create an unforgettable Father’s Day campaign to promote their Father’s Day event at the Oceana restaurant. We came up with the ‘Dad You Rock’ campaign to help elevate their presence digitally and push sales. Rock stars are invincible and march to the beat of their own […]

Castagna Group

Castagna Group – Corporate Profile Castagna approached us to create a corporate profile to represent their company. We took on the challenge of capturing the essence of the Castagna group by sticking to their sophisticated minimalist roots. We crafted a be-spoke typographic logo to compliment the corporate profile, utilizing the stencil affect successfully creating a […]

Hilton Recruitment Campaign

Hilton Recruitment Campaign Hilton Malta approached us to come up with a recruitment campaign to generate interest surrounding prospective career opportunities and promote their great company culture. We proposed four concepts and ‘The Tribe’ was selected The Concept A tribe is a group of likeminded individuals who band together because they have a shared identity. […]


niumee The Brief was simple Launch Niumee; the one stop shop med-aesthetic concept for males and females from all ages and walks of life. Campaign Objective – Having been in the health, cosmetic, beauty and wellness industry for more than a decade, the client felt the need to take the service to the next level […]

MCAST / Colour Your Future

MCAST / COLOUR YOUR FUTURE Since MCAST launched a Level 3 Certificate in Printing by MCAST, we were commissioned to develop a student recruitment campaign promoting this new course focusing on various printing processes which include pre-press, printing procedures, post press, basic colour management and basic printing technologies and printing terminology. The concept revolved around […]

Healthy Children Campaign

Healthy Children Campaign With Malta having a notorious reputation for ranking high in childhood obesity, we worked with the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate to help tackle this ever-growing problem. As our client wanted to hit their target audience with maximum impact, the campaign spread across many different mediums. With online advertising, through Facebook, […]


ISTC Commissioned to evolve the brand, we initially started with the refinement of the logo and subsequently all of its communication and visual material from stationery, to signage, to fleet and digital presence. We also developed the tone of voice of the brand and how it presents itself to the outside world. Once the brand […]

D4n6 Data Security

D4n6 Data Security For this client we needed to come up with a striking and clever name to reflect the work they do and the service they provide. These guys are the cyber crime busters, so we needed to create a daring, cool and serious name that explained what they do. It wasn’t easy… so […]

Lino Spiteri Foundation

Lino Spiteri Foundation The brief was to raise the profile of the Lino Spiteri Foundation and its work within the community through an awareness campaign whilst promoting equal opportunities for disabled persons at the workplace. An inclusive message was created – simple and easily understood by the mass market.

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