Air CM Global – Corporate Folder

As world-renowned experts in all aspects of private aviation, Air CM required a corporate folder to match their standards and unrivalled reputation. We selected a black and gold colour palette to exude the exclusivity and luxury that define the bespoke services the company offers.

The folder perfectly embodies Air CM’s status as leaders in private jet charter and management. Here we decided to keep the design minimal giving off a sleek and sophisticated look, aided by the inclusion of the company’s logo embossed in gold foil and placed in the centre. Inside the corporate folder is a gold sleeve displaying Air CM’s business card, as well as inserts individually showcasing the services the company offers such as Private Chamber, Aircraft Management, Special Missions, Maltese Aircraft Register and Sales & Acquisition.

Anywhere in the world. Anytime you’re ready. Air CM Global has the expertise and global reach to offer you a customised service with no limits. With their newly designed corporate folder clients will have all the information they require at their disposal to ensure they have a journey to experience.

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