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A few months back, Bank of Valletta got in touch with Redorange to discuss and develop a brand campaign with a difference in their run up to Malta’s largest share issue. We worked closely together to look at new and exciting ways the Bank could speak and reach out to its wide audience in the best, most efficient and innovative way.

A few espressos, brainstorming sessions and head banging later, we came up with what we termed as ‘BOV’s essence’ – stable/secure, robust/solid, reputable, successful, growing. We felt that these qualities could be conveyed through Maltese landmarks particularly buildings in Valletta but we still wanted to give it a personal and human touch, so in came people from different walks of life – we wanted our target audience to identify and remember BOV as their strategic partner for growth and to be able to associate themselves with the Bank and remember our message.

A number of concepts were presented to the client, and following market testing, the ‘winning concept’ was selected. The thinking behind this concept is built on the fact that everyone can trust BOV with their finances. No matter your career, age and lifestyle, BOV is there for you every step of the way. Images were selected to reflect accompanying messages, whilst the beauty of our capital city was blended with this images resulting in the creation of a double exposure; superimposing two images in respect to each other whilst adding shades of the corporate colours.

Stories are captivating for a reason. From childhood through adulthood, we are drawn to the lessons we learn, the exciting journeys we embark upon, the knowledge we gain and the opportunity to unleash our imagination. This is BOV’s story …

Chapter One: Share our Journey


The thrill of embarking on a new journey is not easy to put in words. A journey could take many forms, from a break abroad with family or friends, to starting a new scholastic year or job, but what about the very journey of life itself, which starts inside a mother’s womb. The Bank’s journey is the people’s journey, and that is why wanted to celebrate this journey right from the beginning.

An expectant mother is featured suggesting the journey of a life to come, just like Bank of Valletta’s journey since 1974 until today. In the background, a busy road in Valletta instills an ‘alive’ feeling of the busy city. This helped ingrain an emotional feeling suggesting that BOV, like a loving and caring mother, is there every step of the way.


“Bank of Valletta today stands strong as one of Malta’s leading financial institutions. Like a caring mother, Bank of Valletta has been present in our lives at every step of the way. And the journey continues!”

Chapter Two: Share our Passion


Banking may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of passion. However the Bank is passionate about what it does, about its people and customers, with whom it seeks to build long-term working relationships.



Seeing that Bank of Valletta is involved in various art forms, including music, theatre and art, not to mention the Bank’s long-standing relationship with Teatru Manoel and the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, we wanted to communicate this through the use of young aspiring artists; a passionate ballerina and a violinist at the Manoel Theatre, who share their talent through their dance moves and music, pleasing the public with an outstanding performance.


“Passion and determination is what allowed us to become the Bank you know. Our philosophy is to continue creating value for our customers, stakeholders and the Maltese economy. It is this passion that fostered our growth.”

Chapter Three: Share our Success


The Bank’s success is built on the hard work and commitment of its people, so the obvious choice for this message was to feature a successful face of an architect together with the robustness of Malta’s capital in the background.


Bank of Valletta is the largest financial services provider in Malta. Its story is one of constant evolution, responding to market needs and anticipating them. Over the years, many things have changed, but its vision, with the customer at its core, remained constant.


“Our success was built on the hard work and commitment of our people, our customers, our shareholders and all those who along the years have contributed to this story. Today, with a strong presence in Malta and Gozo, we are Malta’s largest Bank. Success is what we stand for.”

Chapter Four: Share our Vision


The unique Valletta Grand Harbour has been used as a port since Roman Empire times thanks to its magnificent natural characteristics. The new St. Elmo Breakwater Footbridge is the canvas of this phase, suggesting a young entrepreneur’s vision of his/her future. Tying in with BOV’s image, the transverse section of the bridge forms an L-shape form, thus reinforcing the presence of protective walls onto the open sea while presenting the bridge’s deck as a continuous unobstructed observation platform. It evokes the spirit of the past and at the same time provides an iconic landmark for the enjoyment of future generations.


 “Our plans for the future are clear and well planned. Further growth is what we will be pursuing, ensuring our continuous support to the Maltese economy whilst protecting the investment of our shareholders. Our vision is clear.”

It was a pleasure to work with such a creative and inspiring team and do hope to work with them again in the near future.


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