The perks of working at Redorange!

By our youngest creative, Ian

I joined Redorange a few months ago, and I don’t regret it one bit. Working in an agency is always fun and a great learning experience. Here are a few perks I took note of while working at Redorange, a local advertising agency which is continuously growing and improving.

Let’s keep it short, and get to the benefits:

The social environment

This plays a huge role as the agency becomes your second home. You end up spending most of the time here with your colleagues, working on projects together, and building strong relationships with everyone. Stuck for ideas? Nudge the person next to you and pick their brains – it’s that easy. We really believe in team work, and we love helping each other out as much as possible.



Working fun 

During our long days at work we like sharing a few jokes altogether or just pick on someone. Beer also keeps our creativity flowing! The end of the month calls for an HTX (harga tax-xahar) – we leave the office earlier and enjoy some time together which helps us build a stronger bond.


Never say no to learning

Working in an agency teaches you a lot, and if you like learning, you found the right place You get to be involved in a lot of awesome projects, learn new methods, stay up to trend and most of all impress the clients while taking your work to a whole new level.


The team

We have an awesome creative team, we like teasing each other, have fun and most of all work together smoothly. Our boss? We can’t complain either, he is one of the bubbliest bosses you can meet. He is very understanding and open minded, never says no to our craziest ideas. We like taking risks and this is what makes our job exciting and recognizable.


The talented coffee makers

We also have a couple of talented coffee makers. If you simply can’t make a cup of coffee (just like me), rest assured they will do their best to show you how it’s done (you might get the ‘worst barista award’ if you’re lucky).


Cynthia’s (our account hero) third desk drawer – Stocked with healthy snacks, chocolate and candy. It’s a key for staying fueled and focused when you need it most.


Until next time!


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