Top 10 Sites for Designers: October 2017 Edition

1. AfFEMation

top 10 websites for designers


afFEMation.com profiles women who’ve made significant contributions to Australian graphic design since 1960.


2. People of Craft

top 10 websites for designers


Created by Timothy Goodman and Amélie Lamont. People of Craft is a growing showcase of creatives of color and their craft in design, advertising, tech, illustration, lettering, art and more.


3. ColorSpace Gradient Color CSS Generator

top 10 websites for designers


Enter two colors and this tool generate a nice color gradient and the fitting CSS code.


4. One Day in My World

top 10 websites for designers


With World Mental Health Day coming up on October 10, take a moment to visit this site to explore the stories of real people facing mental health challenges.


5. Hogwarts Experience on Pottermore

top 10 websites for designers


Pottermore recently launched this new interactive Hogwarts experience, inviting you to explore a digital version of the castle and grounds.


6. Inside the Head

top 10 websites for designers


This gorgeously executed project is an homage to a transitional period of life and to the young adults out there who are both living life and trying to make sense out of it.


7. Simply Chocolate

top 10 websites for designers


Fun interactive details make this website for chocolate brand Simply Chocolate simply memorable.


8. Grip Limited

top 10 websites for designers


Full-service ad agency Grip recently turned 15 and is celebrating with a new site featuring lots of interactive easter eggs.


9. Draggable

top 10 websites for designers


Draggable is a modular drag and drop library, allowing users to start small and build up with the features they need. (Users are free to use the code from the library for both personal and commercial use.


10. A Violent Act – Perspectives On A Double Murder

top 10 websites for designers


Created by the international award-winning SBS Online team, this interactive feature expresses multiple points of view through a unique visual interface, with archival images, police records and video clips.

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