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Founded in 2006 with a desire to stand out from the crowd, at Redorange we strive to create daring work that leaves an impact. We enjoy taking our client’s needs to other levels and exceeding their expectations by producing quality work with a difference.

This shared culture fosters greater consistency in our work, and propels us towards greater heights. With every project that we take on, we strive to deliver intelligent and captivating ideas that illicit emotion, have a memorable impact and go on to maximise lifetime customer value.

Holding a firm belief in the power of creativity, and a nurturing attitude towards our clients and their brands, we revel in watching them grow and flourish. As a team we are united by this desire and find it the driving point behind all we do.



Brands tell a story. And story-telling is where Redorange’s passion lies. We thrive on creating brands and telling stories that transcend our clients’ business goals.


We might be a little obsessed with data. But it’s this that allows us to really understand our clients, their businesses and audiences.


A great website is key to ensure all your business information is readily available and well presented to your clients.


With a strong digital presence, customers are able to reach businesses at any time, from any place.

TikTok your way to success

TikTok Your Way to Success

TikTok has boomed from nowhere to become one of the most downloaded apps globally. It started as Douyin in its home country in China and

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